How I Am Transforming The Bathroom Vanity

When doing work around the house or for someone else, you will inevitably come across something old and challenging. This vanity was definitely one of those areas we call going down a rabbit hole. The bathroom hardware and piping were ancient and may not have been updated for years. Our previous postings show the vanity with the sink still installed.

Bathroom vanity with old or original hardware installed.
The bathroom vanity once we removed the faucets.

Removing The Stuck Flange

When we finally looked under the sink to turn the water off. After a good look, I thought the piping was very dated. In fact, we had a very challenging time removing the fixtures. In the sink, there is what is called a popup flange. The left side was a little tricky, but we could remove it. However, on the left side, the flange appears to be brass or copper. Were able to loosen it a little but not much. We also tried a little heat, but nothing we tried seemed to work.

The sink to the left is what I am resurfacing. The only thing holding me back is the flange which is challenging to remove without damaging the sink.

Below you can see it was time to get bold and unconventional. I used a wire cutter to snip away small pieces of the flange.

This is a picture under the problem sink. Unfortunately, that bolt will not turn any further.

I will keep you updated on this project and post part 3 of this ordeal shortly. Stay tuned in so you can see how it will turn out.

DEWALT 12V MAX* Laser Level, 2 Spot + Cross Line Laser, Red, 165-Foot Range.

Well, we finally removed the flange from the sink. I used a small hacksaw for a reciprocating saw. I left a saw mark at the bottom part of the sink. Below is a picture of how it looks.

The blue you see is the bonding agent I used to give that area of the sink stability and make it more durable. The bonding agent, once sanded, will make it easier to paint as well.

Below you see I am finally moving along. I notice two small areas of interest to resand and paint. I will lightly sand this first coat of primer and apply another coat.

Resurfacing The Bathroom Vanity Counter Top

The countertop is coming along, and now we can move forward with this project. I really enjoy these projects a great deal. The transformation process from what was to what is becoming breathing new life into what some people will throw away. This is awesome. Take a look at my video, “How To Replace Bathroom water shut-off valves.” Please like the video as well. Thank you kindly.


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