How To Install Bathroom Water Shut-Off Valve

There comes a time when you may have to update the plumbing in your bathroom. For example, in the bathroom we are working in, we are updating the vanity since we needed to remove the plumbing because the shut-off valves were very dated and not shutting the water off completely.

The shut-off valves and water supply lines were in one piece. You don’t see that in homes any longer.

Before working on the pipes, the first thing is to make sure and turn your water off first. Once the water is turned off. You should get a small bucket that will fit under the water supply line to catch excess moisture that may flow from the pipe once it’s cut.

You should disconnect the water supply line from the faucet first or not. Whatever is easier for you. In most cases, there isn’t too much room under the sink for a big pipe cutter. Therefore, you may want a small enough pipe cutter to work with your space available.

Small Pipe Cutter

I have several. The picture to the left is what I used to cut all four pipes under the vanity.

It takes some getting used to. However, once you cut one pipe, you will have the hang of it. The most challenging part is getting under the sink and maneuvering around to work.

Once you have your tool of choice to cut your pipe. Having a towel or rag to wipe up any excess water that may leak out of the cut pipe is also a good idea. Once the pipe is cut, make sure to clean the pipe so that you may solder or apply a compression or shark bite shut-off valve.

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