How I Am Transforming The Bathroom Counter Top

This post is a quick update on the progress of transforming the bathroom vanity and plumbing. Initially, we would remove the vanity altogether and then decide to breathe new life into the existing vanity. We were using a gray primer for a bonding base coat. However, before I show you that. Take a look at the original before painting.

The vanity before it was sanded.
The vanity after it was sanded and the first coat of primer applied.
The vanity after the countertop was sanded, and the first coat of top coat was on the frame.
The right side of the sink where the flange was fused together with the drain pipe below. I cut through it with a hacksaw after we failed to apply heat and lubricants.
I finally removed the flange and applied a bonding agent to fill in the gaps and add stability to the drain area.
I applied the gray primer to the countertop and added more primer to the bonding agent to the rim of the drain area of the sink.
The primer was painted on the countertop thoroughly.
An up-close look at the troubled sink where we had difficulty removing the flange. This came out really nice. Next, it is time to apply the stone coat.
The first coat of close-up of the sink and how nice it looks. I have two more coats and will sand it lightly and apply two more coats to even it all out. Then I have to apply the clear top coat.
This is a remarkable transformation.
I have two more coats of stone coat on the countertop now. I have one more I will apply, and then the clear top coat for protection and durability.

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