I Love My Work

Do you enjoy your job?

I started out painting for clients many moons ago. Then one day, we had a client that wanted her walls textured. Initially being from New York, I wasn’t privy to textured walls until we moved to Texas. I wanted to find out how it was done. I checked youtube university, but it didn’t give me the information I wanted. I needed to see it upfront from start to finish. Lucky break, we had a client that wanted the popcorn ceilings removed, and then the entire home sprayed with texture and then painted.

In the picture below, we removed an old mirror and patched up the wall, and sprayed texture for the homeowner. They will handle the painting.

We were lucky to find a fast and reasonable contractor with pricing. This contractor was terrific; he was in and out quickly. We took a picture of all the tools he used and then purchased our very first texture machine. The rest is history. That is all I care to do now is texture. Don’t get me wrong, there are times I will perform drywall repair and take on small paint jobs. The texture is my love.


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